WhatsApp Announced The Trick to Unlock the Application with Your Fingerprint

The online messaging application WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, announced today that its version for Android devices already has a fingerprint recognition system through which it can be locked and unlocked.

This function, which was already available for iPhone phones through Touch ID, allows you to establish a double level of security, since to access the application it will not be enough to have unlocked the phone, but it will be necessary to identify again.

To activate it, the user must access the WhatsApp configuration menu, and from there go to «account», «privacy» and «Lock by fingerprint», explained the company in a blog post. Created in 2009 and acquired by Facebook in 2014, WhatsApp is the most used online messaging application in the world, ahead of Facebook’s own Messenger and China’s WeChat.

On Tuesday, the company that runs Mark Zuckerberg presented in the US a lawsuit against the Israeli technology firm NSO Group, which he accuses of having hacked private phones by having infected them with his spyware precisely through WhatsApp.

The complaint was filed in the federal courts of the northern district of California, based in San Francisco, and it specifies that the alleged NSO Group campaign was directed against about a hundred journalists and human rights activists, including others.

According to Facebook, the Israeli group would have analyzed the WhatsApp application in detail and developed a program capable of accurately emulating network traffic on the platform, which would have allowed it to transmit malicious code without being detected by its servers.