Why does the Name of Volkswagen SUV Always Begin with the T

You may never have realized it, but now you know: all Volkswagen SUVs and crossovers always have a name that begins with the letter ‘T’. What started with the Touareg and Tiguan has now expanded to a long list of models globally ranging from the small T-Roc and T-Cross sold on the Old Continent to the American-designed Teramont and Taigo. Turns out, Volkswagen’s obsession with the ‘T’ has a history.

“The ‘T’ strategy has grown naturally after the Touareg and Tiguan. Two strong names developed that were well received by customers. To create a recognition value here, a ‘T’ was always requested as the first letter for the next of the names, ”a spokesman for the Wolfsburg company told US media CarBuzzen representing the names department in Germany. “Of course, after the Touareg, it was still not clear that so many SUVs would end up coming after.”

For example, the Touareg gets its name from a North African tribe, while the Tiguan is a combination of the German words for “tiger” (tiger) and “iguana” (leguan). Finally, Volkswagen had to be smart with the naming scheme. “So that the names do not sound very similar and can be differentiated, the names ‘T-Roc’ and ‘T-Cross’ were developed. Here, the ‘T’ is a means of connection, but these names have been lightened and differ from the original names by the hyphen, “adds the representative.

Whenever Volkswagen plans a new crossover or SUV for a specific market, it discusses whether or not to give that vehicle the ‘T’ attached to a name or the ‘T’ with a hyphen, like the T-Roc or the T- Cross. “With the Taigo, we discussed for a while whether the vehicle should receive a ‘T’ or a ‘T-‘, or just whether it should be the name of the Brazilian market, Nivus. Therefore, we started a consultation with all importers when the car was presented for the first time ”. As is often the case at Volkswagen, rational logic took precedence.

“The request to use a ‘T’ came up very consistently, as the customer is more likely to use it to identify a Volkswagen SUV, and that’s all over the world.” The list of current and discontinued models with off-road tints include the T-Cross (also called Tacqua or Taigun), T-Roc, Taigo, Taos (also called Tharu), Tayron, Tayron X, Tiguan, Touareg and Atlas (also called Teramont). And while it’s a sizable list, trademarks dating back to 2019 hint that more are still on the way.