World’s First Practical Application Equivalent to Level 3 “EGEND Hybrid EX / Honda SENSING Elite”

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Honda) announced on March 4th, the passenger car “LEGEND Hybrid EX / Honda SENSING Elite” (Legend) that realized automatic driving equivalent to “Level 3”. This is the world’s first practical application equivalent to Level 3.

“Symbol of Honda’s Challenge”
The standards of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism distinguish automatic driving in five stages according to level. Of these, level 3 or higher is defined as system-based “autonomous driving.” Currently, the widespread automatic braking function, follow-up function to the vehicle in front, and the function to prevent protrusion from the lane are “driving support” because the driver is the main driver, and stay at level 2 or lower.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s standards for autonomous driving
The new Legend announced by Honda is equipped with a function that the system takes over driving on the highway during traffic jams and a function that automatically overtakes when the distance between the vehicle and the vehicle in front is shortened.

Legend’s automatic driving operates when the front and rear cars are running on a congested road. It operates at speeds of less than 30 km / h and switches to normal driver operation at speeds of 50 km / h or more. A mechanism that allows the system to grasp the position of the own vehicle using GPS, etc., while detecting the surrounding conditions with the LiDAR sensor and radar sensor mounted on the vehicle.

Each sensor mounted on the car checks the surrounding conditions
However, when a car enters a tunnel, it becomes difficult to receive GPS radio waves, so automatic driving may not work, and it may not work even in bad weather such as heavy rain or heavy snowfall.

Level 3 driving conditions
During automatic driving, you can watch entertainment content such as movies on the car navigation screen in the car and set destinations on the navigation screen. The Road Traffic Act, revised in April 2020, allows smartphones to be operated only by self-driving cars. However, Honda recommends watching videos on the navigation screen because the navigation system is linked to the automatic driving system. By sticking a sticker indicating an autonomous vehicle on the car body, it will not be subject to police crackdown.

Although it is automatic driving, at level 3, the driver must be able to drive at any time in response to the operation request on the system side. For this reason, the system always monitors the driver’s condition with a camera with a built-in infrared light next to the navigation screen. For example, if you fall asleep and the driver loses his or her posture, the system will warn you.

When switching from automatic driving to normal driving, call the driver to operate the steering wheel visually, audibly, and tactilely. Specifically, the contents of the navigation screen are shut down, and the message “Please change driving” is displayed on the screen. Sounds a warning sound and urges the driver to drive by vibrating the seat belt.

If the driver does not resume driving, the system will eventually decelerate automatically. An emergency flashing indicator light flashes and a high-pitched sound alerts surrounding vehicles, and an emergency stop is made on the side of the road. After stopping, connect to the call center.

Initially, there was no function to display a warning message on the screen, but it was installed because Mr. Aoki was absorbed in the video content played during the verification work and did not notice the warning on the system side.

The automatic overtaking function operates when the distance between the vehicle and the vehicle in front is reduced. Each sensor mounted on the car confirms the situation of the car traveling around. If the system determines that it is safe, it will automatically change lanes to the next lane and overtake the vehicle in front. After that, the safety is confirmed again and the vehicle automatically returns to the original lane.

It is said that the in-vehicle system is equipped with multiple security measures to prevent the vehicle from being hijacked by a cyber attack.

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