xCloud Improves Gaming Performance on Xbox One

Phil Spencer confirms on Twitter that the xCloud cloud game is capable of offering specs on Xbox One over and above the console itself.

Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, xCloud, continues to progress, and there are currently some users who are enjoying it in its testing phase, being a technology that promises to bring much joy to Xbox Series players, but also Xbox One. As confirmed by Phil Spencer himself, xCloud improves the technical performance of games on Microsoft’s last generation console, but also on other platforms.

Xbox One, beyond its possibilities
“There are obvious advantages to playing a video game on local hardware, but we can also bring the benefits of xCloud to millions of Xbox One, lower spec PCs and mobiles,” the Xbox boss said on Twitter, citing a tweet from The Analyst. of Bits. “There is still a lot to do, but it’s amazing to see everyone using xCloud on so many devices.”

As we say, Spencer quoted a tweet from The Analyst, as he commented that “xCliud on Xbox One offers better performance than the console’s own hardware, doubling the framerate in most cases or with the possibility of using Ray Tracing in some titles “. Indeed, xCloud aims to offer a resolution of 1080p with a frame rate of 60 images per second, being able to exceed what the Xbox One itself is capable of.

Meanwhile, being already available for mobile for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, xCloud aims to reach consoles this coming Christmas. Among other features, it will allow players to test each game in the Game Pass catalog through cloud play before fully downloading it.