080 Barcelona Fashion Brands Collections in this 27th Edition in Digital Format

From April 26 to 29, 080 Barcelona Fashion celebrated its 27th edition in digital format and in one of the most charismatic settings of Gaudí’s work: Casa Milà (La Pedrera). The contest, promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya, has presented the collections of 22 designers and brands that the public can see again on the 080 Barcelona Fashion website. Very diverse creative proposals, whose common denominator is talent, creativity, originality, quality and, above all, authenticity and its unique character.

ALVARO CALAFAT has been one of the young designers who has debuted in this edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion with his collection Chapter 1 Imbalance, which is inspired by the sins that Dante describes in his Divine Comedy, updating them and reflecting them in today’s society. The collection is based on nine core designs, which describe each of Dante’s sins, with a pattern between the divine – curved, elliptical, rounded lines – and the human – straight and square lines. The color range is full of contrasts and the accessories have their own meaning within the hell that the designer proposes, becoming the common thread of the collection.

Another newcomer has been ANTONIO MARCIAL who has presented Fresh and Bloody, a genderless fashion collection inspired by the fashion and dresses of the 1990s and that talks about art, suffering, wounds and scars in an optimistic and renewing way. . With each piece, the young designer deconstructs the codes that define the genre in fashion: silhouettes, lines, materials, colors, to create new ones and start over. Loose silhouettes and shoulder pads are mixed with sexier lines and tighter pieces. Lightweight fabrics coexist with denim, which becomes elegant and groundbreaking, and combines with knitting with new shapes and patterns.

AVELLANEDA inaugurated 080 Barcelona Fashion with its collection La nuit eclairee, which is based on tuxedos for men and women, prints inspired by Chinese porcelain, dresses that are inspired by tailoring pieces, an essential and energetic color range -white, black, red, blue- which refers to Mediterranean culture and its celebration of the essential.

A regular at 080 Barcelona Fashion is CUSTO BARCELONA, which has presented its Wake Up World collection, inspired by a new awareness arising from the circumstances in which we have all been plunged and with a spirit that seeks change. Color is the genetics of this collection with white as the protagonist, mixed with neons, bright colors and optical effects created with the superposition of different textures, as well as experimentality, both in materials and in shapes. The silhouette is renewed by creating windows that reveal the body, holes created from a very careful pattern to renew the concept of sensuality.

EIKO AI has presented its Blooming Earth collection, aimed at the woman of today; urban, cosmopolitan, inspiring and sensual, which seeks to connect with the natural beauty of the earth. Satin, tulle, glitter, needles and sheer fabrics have been seen that merge with both drawn and photographic floral prints. To add intensity and maximum blooming, patchwork and color block are mixed. At the chromatic level, an evolution is emulated: from the black that when there were no flowers to the floral explosion of color and aromas all over the planet. The range of reds, pinks, powdery yellows, water greens and chlorophyll are the variety and floral richness. The silhouettes have a 70’s and 90’s point, festive looks coexist with more casual, refined and relaxed styles; kimonos, flared sleeves and pants, floaty dresses and oversized shirts.

ENAUT has presented its fourth collection, Logging 4%, this time focusing on deforestation and logging. In its Fashion Film, oversize shirts, sweatshirts, overalls, coats and tailoring pieces have been seen in neutral tones that evoke the colors of the earth from green, ocher and black, and the use of bicolor in some pieces, as well as prints as the picture. A creative proposal that transits from life to the absence of it, from everything to nothing, from beauty to desolation. A perspective of the fight in the battle in the massive exploitation.

The ESCORPION brand has brought the best fashion party of the eighties to La Pedrera with its Let’s Dance collection – Le freak c’est chic. A sexy, transgressive and modern proposal that offers an alternative wardrobe to reality. Set in Studio 54 in New York, the collection is divided into three moments linked to three styles of music, with a common leitmotif…




















Madrid – Yesterday, Thursday April 29, the last of the days of this second digital edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk took place on the online field. Session that concluded the 4 days of fashion shows and presentations that this latest edition number 27 of the Barcelona catwalk has had, which will undoubtedly remain for the memory in the imagination of both the 22 firms and designers who have participated in she, as well as all those fashion lovers who have decided to follow, throughout this week, the development of the parades through the online platform of the catwalk. Portal from which you can continue to view, on demand, all the presentations that have taken place in the framework of this memorable edition of 080.

With images, already indelible, such as those that have resulted from seeing the collections of firms such as Avellaneda, Eñaut, Paloma Wool, Pablo Erroz or Custo Barcelona parading through the most desirable corners of Gaudi’s La Pedrera, an exceptional guest at this edition of the 080, it is of vital importance to highlight the great effort that they have made since the organization of the contest in order to adapt to the new reality that arose from this coronavirus pandemic. Against which, making a virtue of necessity, they have responded by opening up an online field that allows them, as highlighted by the organization of the catwalk before the opening day of this latest edition, to seek to increase their audiences among a global audience , while continuing to serve as a platform for the visualization of the entire fashion industry, and its companies, rooted in this part of Spain.

A benchmark for fashion in southern Europe
Reviewing everything that has ended up forming the official poster of presentations of this 27th edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk, the second edition of the catwalk developed entirely online, remembering again that a total of of 22 firms and designers. And that they have done so in addition to the hand of a series of presentations, developed as Fashion Show Films, which can still be viewed from the official platform of the 080.

Thus, in this way, the director of Empresa i Coneixement, Ramón Tremosa, was in charge of inaugurating this latest edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion this past Monday, April 26, and according to what has already been advanced from FashionUnited. Who did not hesitate to extol the role of 080 as a “fashion platform committed to innovation, sustainability and creativity, which wants to contribute to projecting our industry and the city of Barcelona as a recipient of talent and creation.” And all this while claiming the role of Catalonia “as a benchmark in fashion in southern Europe, with a solid productive ecosystem and a long tradition, which has 15,000 companies and nearly 75,000 workers”, and with “a clear international vocation ”. An industry and workers towards whom he did not hesitate to reiterate the Generalitat’s commitment to “continue working with companies and entities in the fashion sector in Catalonia to maintain and enhance this ecosystem”, in order to “make it even stronger and committed ”. Making use of initiatives such as this 080 Barcelona Fashion, of which he anticipated, with respect to this last edition, that “without a doubt it will place Barcelona in the European center of fashion”.

During the day on Tuesday, it was time to learn about the proposals of Txell Miras, a Catalan designer who presented us with her collection “Zerkalo”, made up of a succession of minimalist garments. Proposal that was followed by the presentations of the “If” collection by Y_Como, the pret-à-porter firm of the Yolancris fashion house, with which they claimed a bohemian aesthetic very much in line with the Arts & Crafts movement and trends linked to that Art Nouveau from which Catalan modernism itself was nourished, which ended up representing the figure and work of Antonio Gaudí; as well as the collections of “Oh, l’amour” by Paola Molet; the collection “Let’s Dance – Le freak c’est chic” by Escorpion; and the “Friendship is universal” collection by Paloma Wool. That it debuted as an integrated firm in 080 with a collection designed during the confinement of the past 2020, and which it unveiled together with a set of six “human sculptures” created at the Atelier Amistat. An artistic residency that took place in El Hospitalet de Llobregat, from March to April of this 2021, during which this series of structures were built around Paloma Wool’s own garments, inspired by her case in the life of mushrooms and in Gaudi’s own work.

During the third day of the show on Wednesday, it was time to get to know the latest fashion novelties from the Eiko Ai firms, from where they unveiled a “Blooming Earth” collection, inspired by the aesthetics of the 70s and 90s. , which was followed by Pablo Erroz’s capsule collection “2015: 2021”, a timeless proposal made up of a series of renewed classics by the Mallorcan designer; the “Harris Tweed Club” collection by Lebor Gabala; with the presentation of the permanent collection of LR3, another of the debutants of this edition; the collection “The Wild Life Barcelona” by Lola Casademunt by Maite; and from the “Wake Up World” collection by Custo Barcelona.

As a finishing touch to the celebrations, yesterday Thursday, the last day of presentations, the designer Victor Von Schwarz was in charge of putting the finishing touch to this edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion, who did it with a “Disco 2000” collection inspired by the music and aesthetics of the beginning of this XXI century; the Otrura firm, which presented its collection “Latent Year 2020/2021”; the Is Coming brand, with its “Back to the origins” collection for the upcoming Autumn / Winter 2021 season; and the firm Onrushw23fh, with its “Liminal” collection, a timeless proposal inspired by the figure and the works of Takis and Peter Sealy, two artists who work on principles linked to movement, energy, color and lighting. Finally, in charge of closing the presentation program, another of the debuting firms on the catwalk, Paraiso. That he did it with a collection “Paraiso means fun”, understood as a whole “hymn to life” and as an ode to fun and beauty, as well as carefree and youthful spirit.