$ 1 Billion in One Month for Israeli Startups

The startup nation is growing and excelling in many technological ideas, but not all of them succeed in taking the idea and making it a reality without investment. In this monthly column, we will present a summary of Israeli startups that raised funds this month from funds, Angels and even from the state.

T-REX raised $ 15 million
T-REX, which develops a complex investment analytics platform, has announced the completion of a $ 15 million round of funding led by Citi, Viola Fintech and Westly Group and with Innogy and Macquarie.

T-REX appeals to institutional investors and banks, allowing them exposure to new financial markets, which today lack tools for monitoring and management such as financing energy projects, loan and asset storage and structured credit. The products the company develops provide a transparent, uniform and updated real-time workspace. For example, the company’s systems are able to track the full lifespan of non-liquid assets and enable investment risk measurement through automated data entry throughout the investment life – from the initiation phase to the completion of the proceeds for the investment.

Neura raised $ 16 million
The Israeli company Neura announced it has completed a $ 16 million round of funding, led by Pitango Venture Capital and Liberty Technology Venture Capital II. Also included were AXA Ventures, Amdocs and Moneta Capital. The company’s platform allows advertisers to accurately measure their interactions with the target audience.

Neura lets you enrich apps and devices with insights on past and present user actions, while providing calculated predictions about the next action they’re likely to do. That is, it helps brands tailor their products to each user’s day-to-day needs, and interact with each customer based on their behavior and real-world preferences. While the world of advertising is still largely waged in massive and loathsome campaigns for the masses, the company’s vision is to revolutionize how products interact with people, while empowering brands to deliver more personal, context-based experiences.

Stoke raised $ 4.5 million
Stoke Talent, which develops a platform for recruitment and management of on-demand freelancers in large organizations, has announced the completion of a $ 4.5 million Seed funding round led by TLV Partners and featured Boaz Halamish, Zach Weinberg and Bogomil Blackansky (formerly VP Google Recruitment).

The Stoke platform enables companies to find, hire and manage freelancers on demand and with scalability to suit the needs of the organization. In addition, the platform enables external manpower management, and integrates with popular freelance sites so that personnel can be recruited and managed from the same platform, including different performance trackers and regulations. The company’s platform works on a SaaS model with a subscription based on the use of each organization.

PerimeterX raised $ 14 million
PerimeterX, which develops systems to protect against threat threats, said it has expanded its latest round of funding by an additional $ 14 million, putting it now at $ 57 million. Those joining the round are Deutsche Telecom Capital Partners and Salesforce Ventures, who joined Scale Ventures Partners who led the round, along with Adams Street Partners, Keenan Partners, Vertex Ventures and Data Collective (DCVC). Along with the current borrowing, the total capital raised by the company is $ 91.5 million.

The PerimeterX platform (Primatrix) focuses on identifying threats and distinguishing between a human threat and a bot threat, and stopping each of them before it is too late, without any impact on the system. Its products are relevant for the protection of web and mobile applications and programming interfaces (APIs). Apart from the behavioral identification of bots, the system can use the information stored in it to identify in advance whether requests sent to the system are legitimate or inherently dangerous.

BigID raised $ 50 million
Israeli startup BigID, which helps organizations protect sensitive information about their clients and employees, has announced the completion of a $ 50 million round of C rounds led by the Bessemer Venture Partners Foundation. The company’s total funding since its inception now stands at $ 96 million.

BigID’s technology incorporates Machine Learning and Identity Intelligence capabilities to find, track and mitigate the risk of huge amounts of information that companies retain to their customers, in line with the GDPR regulations that came into effect last year. The BigID solution enables mapping and automated cataloging of all information collected for each client and client, and provides essential tools for those responsible for information security in the organization.

Syte raised $ 21.5 million
Have you seen a garment you like on Instagram? Maybe a really cool bag or shoes for someone walking past you on the street? Israeli startup Stye is developing a visual search engine that will allow you to locate and purchase these items online – with the click of a button. This month, the company announced that it has completed a $ 21.5 million round of funding led by Viola Ventures and with the participation of Axess Ventures, Lyra Ventures and Commerce Ventures. Existing investors in which Magma Fund and NHN Ventures took part as well.

Syte uses artificial intelligence to analyze each image and decompose it to exact resolutions of the fabric composition, color, print, length and cut. The idea is to replace the textual search, and instead of having to write – “brown dot skirt” – you can simply upload a photo of a product you like, and let the search engine work for you. This way, even if you do not know the exact definition of the cut, print or style, and how to pronounce it in English, you can get recommendations for similar products and maybe even identical to the original.

VIM raised $ 24 million
The Israeli VIM company, which has developed a trade arena for health care providers and services in the United States, has announced it has raised $ 24 million to lead Optum Ventures and other investors. The total company recruitment was up

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The startup nation is growing and excelling in many technological ideas, but not all of them succeed in taking the idea and making.

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