24.5% of Colombians had Income Drop in 2020

Due to the crisis, around 10 million people reported that reduction. In homes, the loss is $ 30 trillion.

At least 10.1 million Colombians reported having had a reduction in their economic activity or income during the pandemic, representing at least 24.5% of the working-

So says the most recent labor market report published by Dane, in which since May it has asked people what are the main difficulties they have presented due to the pandemic, and of the 41.2 million people of working age , an average of 7.4 million (18.1%) of Colombians responded that they have not been able to pay their bills, and 6 million (14.6%) said they had problems getting food or cleaning products during 2020.

To this is added that another 4.6 million people (11.4%) reported that during 2020 they lost their job and their income and that, even, the suspension of face-to-face classes has been an obstacle for more than 7 million of citizens (17.2%).

And if you look at sex, men are the ones who most report having had a reduction in their income, with 30.2% between May and December, while 19.1% of them answered the same. In the case of school closings, 18.2% of them said that this had been a difficulty and 16.1% of them answered the same.

In fact, in the latest installment of Pulse Social, a survey that the statistical department began last year, it is also seen that the pandemic has deteriorated the possibilities of households to save or to buy food, clothes or shoes, among others.

According to the report, 69.9% of households do not have the possibility to save, only 9.3% said they plan to go on vacation in the next year, and 70.4% of families indicated that compared With their situation of a year ago, at this time they do not have the possibility of buying clothes, shoes, and food, among others.

coincide with an increase in unemployment and the fall in economic activity in the country during the pandemic, which impacted the pockets of Colombians in 2020. Precisely, GDP per capita had an annual variation of -22.6% in the third quarter of the year, -27.6% in the second quarter and -4.3% in the first, which shows the blow that is having the pandemic in homes.

Even the National Association of Financial Institutions (Anif) made an analysis recently and pointed out that the loss of labor income of households, to November, accumulated a contraction of $ 29.6 billion, so at the end of last year that number could amount to more than $ 30 trillion, which could represent a contraction equivalent to around 3% of GDP.



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