3 Cheap Stocks that could Go Up Sharply

Walmart made the post-pandemic recovery, the stock is barely trading higher in 2021.

1. Walmart
The largest retailer in the US is a surprising latecomer this year. Walmart‘s shares are only up 2% in 2021, despite sales soaring and the economy as a whole is booming. The chain is doing well despite the pandemic, and their “Sam’s Club Warehouse” club concept is even more successful.

It is difficult to find weaknesses in the discount store built by Sam Walton. For the first three quarters of fiscal 2022, the company slightly exceeded Wall Street’s profit targets. In the last quarter, sales increased 9.2%. We’re seeing strong year-on-year comparisons from chains that saw a decline over the past year, but not at Walmart. Walmart has also grown well over the past year, and its two-year comparison comes in at a whopping 15.6%.

When Walmart released its new financial results last week, the company raised its forecast. The company now expects adjusted earnings of $ 6.40 per share for the fiscal year that closes in late January. 23 times its expected profit this year might not seem cheap, but with its fast-growing e-commerce, grocery delivery, and roadside pickup businesses, Walmart deserves a market premium. The dividend yield of 1.5% – with a dividend aristocrat at 48 years of age increasing the payout – is the icing on the cake in this low interest rate environment.

2. Walt Disney
Haus der Maus is another name that doesn’t seem cheap when measured against historical metrics. Even if we assume Disney will continue to influence its turnaround for the next fiscal year, the stock trades at 30 times its earnings target for that year.

Disney is another surprise free rider in 2021. It’s the largest company in the US, trading more than 10% lower this year. Much has changed for the better for Disney this year as the economy picks up again. The theme parks are profitable again. The cruise ships are sailing again. The company brings out the biggest films of the year now that the Disney + is stopping the media giant from rising in more ways than one. The stock is weakening as Disney + subscribers are declining, and with the business not expected to be profitable until 2024, it weighs on the family entertainment giant’s bottom line. It’s implausible to punish Disney for the start-up costs of a platform that made the company a major player in the booming streaming industry. Disney is cheaper than the metrics suggest.

3. Sirius XM Holdings
Sirius XM Holdings, like Disney, is another surprising stock, trading lower this year. The nation’s only provider of satellite radio services is benefiting from people driving cars again.

A dozen years ago, Sirius XM was on the verge of bankruptcy, but now the company is a growing platform generating tons of free cash flow that it uses to buy back stocks and reward investors with a growing quarterly dividend. The stock now costs less than 20 times its expected earnings this year, and with its eponymous satellite radio monopoly and streaming service Pandora, the company has a firm grip on music lovers no matter where they are.


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Walmart made the post-pandemic recovery, the stock is barely trading higher in 2021.

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