5 fashion Faux-Pas to Dare to be Stylish

In 2021, everything is called into question, nothing is right. Everything is chaos. Codes are abolished, the rules are reversed and even fashion editors no longer know which way to turn. In 2021, here are the 5 fashion faux pas to take.

As you read these first lines you must surely question yourself, tell yourself that everything you have known until then was nothing but nonsense. “If this is a fashion faux pas, I must avoid it! ” Well no ! This year we let go, we dare to be out of date, we dare mixtures of dubious style, hoping that it is a winner. Whose fault is it ? The Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga, Alessandro Michele at Gucci, Francesco Risso at Marni or Matthew Williams at Givenchy. Tired of conventions, of the strict rules that dictate what to do or what to ban, fashion is reinventing itself. Basically the more kitsch, the cooler it is. Because after all, art has no limits.

So yes, we all imagine that the baggy is completely out of date. We thought we left it in 2001 in a clip of Billy Crawford or Fifty Cent, and basta. Only everything can make a comeback in fashion. One day or another. So it was high time for these ultra oversized pants to come back, stronger than ever. In 2021, this style mistake is the new cool. The baggy can be worn in both the male and female wardrobe, in jeans, wool, prints … We all need a baggy.

Who has never worn one? Rectification, who has never been forced to wear one? The freezing winter days came and apprehension grew. We were going to have to put that damn itchy, itchy hood back on in order to stay warm. Well this accessory that we thought – really but really – buried finally resurfaces. The balaclava will be the new hit for next season. It was at the bombastic Miu Miu parade that we saw this twisted revenant in the 2021 way. Today’s balaclava is pop and is worn almost like a light scarf from a dolce vita film.


There, it’s a balancing act. There are two schools of fashion: those for whom the mixture of patterns is an aberration, and those who try everything for everything. Head to Italy at Gucci to appreciate this mix of more than doubtful prints, at first glance. Yes, it’s disturbing, but mixing beautiful prints works! Scottish with baroque patterns, stripes with leopard. The key is that they have to be fine materials, and stay soft on the shoes and accessories.


We call it layering. You can also do it with a long skirt and wide pants (we have warned you, that unsettles). But this trend is quite unfair since it will be complicated to apply for very small riders, who will be lost in so many thicknesses, or if, on the contrary, you do not want to increase your figure.


Yes, we are talking about this recognizable style of the Dutch tourist. Don’t shout, dear reader, because the sock / barefoot has come a long way. We will rather pay tribute to the 70s. A delicate sock, glittery or floral, which will accessorize the heeled sandal. Believe us, it’s super feminine, and we’ve seen it everywhere on the catwalks. Afterwards, if you are a fashion design student at the forefront of fashion, you are free to wear the hiking sock with Decathlon sandals, because it is also super trendy. The normcore, we tell you!