“Prince of Wales Should Rule Very Differently from His Mother Queen Elizabeth II”

The writer and journalist Michel Faure, published on March 18 a biography of Prince Charles, entitled Charles, King of England. For this London-based author, the Prince of Wales should rule very differently from his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

After the earthquake triggered by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, aired on March 7, questions are mounting around the future of the British royal clan. Claiming that he felt “truly abandoned” by his father, Prince Harry directly implicated Prince Charles, who is doomed to one day become the King of England. He who has known the pain and loss of his first wife, Princess Diana, the number one prey of the tabloids, “knows the suffering that this causes,” said Harry. London-based journalist and writer Michel Faure is the author of a biography of Prince Charles, titled Charles, King of England: in it, he believes that the latter will rule differently from his very silent mother.

Unlike his son, Prince Charles appears to have fully surrendered to the paramount importance of his role. According to Michel Faure, it is perfectly possible for the Prince of Wales to forgive his son for comments made on television and dissected by millions of people … “if the order has been given, forgive him!” Despite their “very complex” relationship, the reporter believes “he was a very caring father, but it was not enough for Harry.” The latter was “born too late and occupies a very remote place in the order of succession,” recalls the author. Within the royal clan, everything revolves around the queen … or the king.

“He will not be able to help but touch on political issues”
While Harry said in his Californian garden, facing Oprah Winfrey, that he esteemed his father “trapped” in this monarchical system, Michel Faure is not so sure. When he ascends to the throne, he believes his personality could change the image of this clan, which is as stoic as it is cold. Charles “will find it very difficult to remain in the neutrality that is required of sovereigns in the United Kingdom,” said the author, a specialist in international politics.

While Queen Elisabeth II has always made a point of keeping silent about her opinions on political affairs, it seems that her eldest son does not play the same score. “He will not be able to refrain from tackling subjects considered to be political,” predicts Michel Faure, “and will not remain a silent ruler like his mother.” Lovers of urbanism, agriculture and the climate – subjects as political as they are today – the future King Charles is expected to make big changes at Buckingham Palace when the time comes.

The interview with Michel Faure can be found in full in the magazine Gala, on newsstands this Thursday, March 18.


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