A Company that Made The Leap to Bake Grasshopper Cookies Despite The Pandemic

Mexican Alba Rodriguez started her business “by accident” when she was a Nutrition student at the Tecnologico de Monterrey, where she realized that Mexico, like many other countries, faces the great challenge regarding the supply of adequate and quality food for its population, but without damaging to the environment.

The entrepreneur who gave birth to her business from an idea in 2017, to later materialize it in her own home, is today the founder of Gricha, a Mexican company that produces biscuits based on insect protein such as grasshoppers or crickets, and which lived its greatest operation in the same year as the covid-19 pandemic; so the strongest sales were through electronic commerce. “We started‘ strong ’in January, the pandemic arrived in March, just dedicating myself full time, barely with partners and investors, I can barely grow and the pandemic is coming, it was a challenge, but like the one we all have. There is never a better time, ”Rodriguez said in an interview with MILENIO. It was during a visit to the Bosque de Chapultepec that she had the first encounter with what would become her business, the grasshoppers. We recommend …

How to convert buyers into your customers? These are some tips to achieve it. Has your business stagnated? Increase your sales with these product strategies “When I tried them I realized that they are very tasty, but I was hardly going to substitute chicken, egg, fish for eating grasshoppers every day; Furthermore, there was little offer because there was only one presentation such as the snack and many people still had conflict to see the insect and eat it, ”said the entrepreneur who also negotiated with the sharks of Shark Tank. Alba Rodríguez faced the sharks of Shar Tank Mexico. Although Mexico has a great challenge in terms of food, she Rodriguez warns that the country also has a very rich culture in food, and with many opportunities to diversify the offer. Meanwhile, Jalisco is an agribusiness leader. “In the nutritional part as something very complex, there is still a lot of inequality, not only because of the ease of acquiring food or the cost, but also because there is little background information on diet and good life habits,” she said.

TIPS for an entrepreneur Although he considered that entrepreneurship is a difficult task, it is something that if done with passion and with pleasure can leave a good taste in the mouth, so his recommendations for those who want to have their own business are: Identify What are you passionate What problem do you want to solve? Is it important enough to take your time? Where are you positioned, what is your market? Who are your competitors? What are you good at and what are your weaknesses? “Question if it is important enough for you and others to dedicate the next 5 to 10 years of your life, because that is what it will cost you to start a business from scratch,” she said.

According to Rodriguez, it is important to know yourself, that is, the pros and cons, otherwise those advantages or weaknesses are inherited to the business you intend to start. Become allies: Look for mentors who can guide you He recalled that Gricha was born in his home and a university event was unveiled for the first time in 2017, whose products that later became the “shackles”, did not want to be tested, but did not He got discouraged, got a supplier, built the brand, a design, the label, and later, he carried out the most laborious task, communicating the benefits of the food of the future for the final consumer.

Cookie made by Gricha. According to information from the company, the cricket insect protein contains: 65-75% protein. 2 times more protein than cattle and soybeans. You need less water, food and space. They contain all the essential amino acids. You don’t need pesticides or antibiotics. The company’s first line of products has 3 flavors: vanilla, chocolate chips and double chocolate; as well as a new product: a line with chocolate covered crickets, which contain insect protein, whole wheat flour (ground whole wheat), amaranth flour (ground), canola oil, erythritol, a polyol used as a substitute for flavors sugary, as well as brown sugar or brown sugar. We recommend …

Offer Freedom to support SMEs with creditsIn Nuevo Leon, covid-19 increases the mortality of SMEs “A package of shackles is equivalent to a portion of meat, according to the equivalent Mexican system … or two portions of cereals, which It can be half a cup of rice … or a portion of fruit like an apple, ”he said. In addition to its online store from where it ships its products throughout the country, Gricha has 65 points of sale nationwide, whose most important states are Mexico City, State of Mexico, Querétaro, Guadalajara and Monterrey.