A Healthy Breakfast from Nutritionists for the Weekend

Everyone knows the importance of breakfast. Research from Japan proves that if you skip breakfast and stay up until noon, the chance of getting type 2 diabetes will double…

Generally speaking, it is most appropriate to eat breakfast 20-30 minutes after waking up. At this time, people’s appetite is strongest, and digestion and absorption are at the best level.

Today, the editor will share with you some practical and nutritious breakfasts from foreign nutritionists~~~

Seriously, breakfast with crooked nuts is very simple, especially suitable for people in a hurry…

You can try it out over the weekend!

1. Scrambled eggs and fruits

If you have two or three scrambled eggs in the morning, generally only the yolk of one egg will be kept, and the remaining eggs will only be white. This can ensure that there is 20-25g of protein for breakfast, add some carbohydrates from bananas, and a little fat from nut butter, simple and balanced.

2. Green milkshake

Wash clean green vegetables + frozen mangoes + frozen berries + a whole fresh banana + water, into the blender. Fiber + vitamins + carbohydrates, the most healthy and energetic breakfast.

3. Oatmeal + chopped walnuts

This combination is low in sodium and saturated fatty acid content. But oatmeal contains enough carbohydrates to make people feel full of energy.

4. Classic oatmeal fruit breakfast

Pour milk in the oatmeal, and then put some nuts. Oatmeal contains soluble fiber, milk supplements protein, and nuts supplement oil. In order to solve the palatability problem, you can add your favorite fruit. The taste of oatmeal will change with the added fruit, so there is a lot of room for free combination.

5. Protein oatmeal

Add an egg to the oatmeal, or add peanut butter and pumpkin cubes as you like. This quick and simple solution can ensure the intake of protein and fiber at the same time, which saves time in production.

6. Peanut Butter Toast

Whole wheat high-fiber toast + peanut butter + fresh banana chips. Easy to carry, easy to make, and delicious.

7. Egg white + English muffin + cheese

Barley English muffins with egg whites and a slice of cheese. Protein, grain fiber, energy. Such breakfast can be taken with you on a busy morning.

8. Greek yogurt with mixed fruits

Various berries are paired with slices of other fruits, such as apples, bananas, oranges, etc., and mixed with fat- and sugar-free Greek yogurt. Let’s get another bowl of oatmeal. If it’s winter, then change a bowl of hot oatmeal.

9. Kiwi Coconut Kale Shake

My daily routine is to have a milkshake containing protein powder, chia seeds and fruit.

This is the milkshake recipe for this morning: 10 ounces of coconut milk, 2 kiwis, 1 lemon juice, 1/4 avocado, 1 cup of kale, 1 protein powder, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, and 5 ice cubes. Put it in a blender and stir until lubricated.

10. Eggs and kale

1 Fresh farm eggs with vegetables like kale;

2 Oatmeal with nuts and berries;

3 Greek yogurt with nuts and fruits;

4 Sometimes smoked salmon is also eaten.

Usually it will be served with a cup of coffee with fresh milk.

Is all the saliva flowing out?

The breakfast recommended by foreign nutrition doctors is certainly reliable, but what if you are not used to western food? How to eat the most common kinds of breakfast to be healthy?

Congee and side dishes-high sodium and low fat

Although the congee and side dishes do not have the problem of high fat, but the pickles and fermented bean curd with porridge are often too salty, too high in sodium, and preservatives are added to processed foods, which can easily damage the liver and kidneys.

Experts believe that eating only white rice porridge is unreasonable. Rice porridge will cause the body to secrete a large amount of insulin in a short time, but it will accumulate fat, which is not conducive to weight loss. Moreover, white rice porridge lacks nutrition, and eating it all the time is not good for health.

Choose porridge with whole grains for breakfast, which is more nutritious and fuller than plain porridge.

When eating porridge for breakfast, don’t just serve with pickles, but also with a poached egg or a portion of lean meat to add enough protein. It is best to add a plate of stir-fried vegetables for a balanced nutrition.

Biscuits fritters-high fat and difficult to digest

The calories of a sesame cake is about 230~250 calories, of which about 25% of the calories come from fat. The deep-fried dough sticks are high-temperature fried foods. Not only are they high in fat and difficult to digest, but after the food is fried at high temperatures, nutrients will be destroyed and carcinogens will be produced.

It should not be more than once a week. If breakfast is sesame oil sticks, then the lunch and dinner of the day should be as light as possible, and don’t eat fried, fried or fried food.

Due to the lack of vegetables for breakfast, the other two meals should be supplemented, or choose sesame seeds with vegetables. It is recommended to drink unsweetened soy milk when eating biscuits and fritters for breakfast, or only add a small amount of sugar to avoid eating too much sugar.

Milk bread-a lot of oil and sugar

According to nutritionists, more than half of elementary school students and parents believe that vegetables and fruits are not needed for breakfast. A nutritious breakfast is not actually “milk and bread”. Whether salty or sweet, bread contains a lot of fat, and contains too much sugar. It has been refined and processed and has low nutritional value.

Healthy eating:

Don’t choose stuffed bread for breakfast, its calories and fat content are higher than white bread.

If you want to eat sweet bread for breakfast, you might as well choose 1 teaspoon of jam on whole-wheat toast, but avoid applying cream, peanut butter, etc. daily, otherwise it will increase the intake of trans fat.

Fruits and vegetables-easy to become “hungry”

Using fruits, vegetables and fruits for breakfast may seem “healthy”, but breakfast is a source of energy throughout the day and requires staple food to provide calories. Vegetables and fruits have too few calories, easy to fatigue, and easy to get hungry.

If the staple food is not eaten for a long time for breakfast, it will cause malnutrition and weaken various functions of the body. In addition, fruits such as bananas and pears are not suitable for fasting.

Healthy eating:At breakfast, fruits and vegetables are paired with sandwiches or a piece of toast to increase the energy of the body. People with high triglycerides, especially don’t just eat fruit for breakfast.

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