Volvo: A Possible Loss of Drive

A recall of the Volvo subsidiary Polestar has been known since last week because of a possible loss of drive, which the Swedish business newspaper “Dagens Industrie” reported.

Now another has been added. As the manufacturer’s documents available to us show, around 2,800 Polestar 2 electric cars around the world require readjustment of the headlights. They could have been set too high in the factory between April 18 and July 1 of this year and thus dazzle oncoming traffic.

The German Polestar press office has so far only commented on the first recall. Accordingly, the battery energy control module needs an update due to a “software deviation”. Three cases are known worldwide in which the car suddenly broke down. “So far there have been no accidents in this connection,” emphasized a company spokeswoman. According to our information, this statement also applies to the lack of headlights. However, 26 vehicles have already become suspicious here.

The spokeswoman put the number of vehicles affected by the software update in Germany at around 200 vehicles. “The relevant customers are currently being informed and an appointment is being organized. The process takes a maximum of 90 minutes, ”she said. The internal promotion code is “R10053”. The headlight campaign runs under the abbreviation “R10048”. There is no information here on the duration of the repair. It is also unclear whether the service companies carry out both remedial measures in parallel.

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