A Network of 200,000 People who Wrote Fake Reviews on Amazon

Amazon sellers used this network of people to make positive comments about their products even though they had never tried them.

A total of seven gigabytes of information and more than thirteen million records. This includes the database uncovered by the security company SafetyDetectives and in which a network of 200,000 people has been detected who published false reviews on Amazon.

Through this communication network, sellers instructed users to write favorable product reviews and rate them five stars. In this way, they increased the general valuation and made them more attractive to the rest.

Once the review was written, users contacted the company again and it made them income through PayPal and, in addition, offered them the option to keep their products for free. Everything was done through a platform outside of Amazon, so that the web would not suspect anything.

The network’s servers were located in China. However, most of the users participating in the fake review network are located in Europe and the United States. However, the security company has not been able to identify the owners of the network.