A Real Alternative Fabric Ribbon Cab

Individual fabric ribbon cables tailored to the application are a technically and economically attractive alternative to conventional cables and complex energy chains. The textile ribbon cables are manufactured using a weaving process and guarantee packing density and clear allocation of the components integrated in the overall system – and are (still) a real insider tip.

In plant and device construction, the trend is towards more and more functionality that has to be accommodated in less and less space, also known as packing density. There is often a demand for compact and customer-specific cable systems that include a large number of electrical conductors for power and data and other components such as fiber optic cables or media hoses. The integrated systems should guarantee a reliable basic order of the individual components and trouble-free operation.

While round, flat or ribbon cables, often with hybrid structures and / or in combination with energy chains, are usually used here, there is a clever alternative for many applications! Application-specific designed fabric ribbon cables offer exciting solutions with high economic efficiency. With them, a wide variety of components can be clearly and safely integrated into a line network that stands for performance and fast installation.

Since line breaks are excluded when weaving, particularly sensitive components can also be safely processed. Spiralized fabric ribbon cables are possible – also as ingenious double spirals – with vertical extension lengths of up to 9 m. The greatest advantage of the textile spiral systems is that they can be gently and noiselessly pulled out and put down again.

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