After an Hour Google Services Resumed Operation

The technology giant’s services crashed today and anyone who tried to browse Google‘s sites – including YouTube, Gmail, Google Photos, and even use the company’s remote tools, Google Docs, sheets and more – encountered an error message. The company updates that most of the problems users have had already been resolved and that the services are returning to regular operation.

Google sites, including YouTube, Gmail, Google Photos, or use the company’s remote tools: Google Docs, sheets and more. Those who tried to run the company services encountered an error message. At these moments the service gradually returned to regular activity.

A glitch in Google‘s services apparently missed the company’s search engine. According to various reports, the main fault in its various services was mainly in Europe, the eastern United States, India, the Philippines and Brazil. According to Mae Brooks-Kempler, a cyber expert and CEO of Helena, the fault is probably in the company’s user identification mechanism. If you run Google’s Chrome browser in hidden mode, where the user account is not logged in, the services appear to be available.

Faults in Google services or access to the search engine are events that are considered rare, but in the past year Google servers experienced a similar fault in August and in October that also lasted several hours.

Google said: “All of our services are back in business. We apologize to everyone who was injured and we will conduct a comprehensive follow-up inspection to make sure this problem does not happen in the future. ”

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