Alitalia: Ita Revises Plan Towards 45-48 Aircraft Fleet Up to 5,000 Employees

Ita’s industrial plan is being revised to adapt to the new forecasts revised downwards on the recovery of air transport. According to what is learned, the numbers of the plan will be reduced compared to the plan of the newco presented on December 18.

In particular, the fleet is expected to decrease from 52 to 45-48 aircraft. As a result, the initially planned 5,200-5,500 employees are expected to fall in a range between 4,500 and just over 5,000. Given the small size, moreover, it is expected that approximately 2 billion of public resources can be used for the start-up, while the rest of the overall 3 billion will be used to complete the plan.

In the morning, according to what has been learned, an Ita board of directors was held. It was an interim meeting that updated the review status of the plan, including the view of the meeting on Friday between the government and the EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager.