Gemany Wants to Extend Lockdown Until March 28th

The federal and state governments are heading towards a partial relaxation of the contact restrictions and a gradual opening of various areas such as trade, culture and sport. Where there are no exceptions, the lockdown restrictions should be extended until March 28, according to the draft for the deliberations on Wednesday, which describes a possible phased plan. “For the next few weeks and months, if the infection process is stable, there will be four tones of vaccination, testing, contact tracing and openings,” says the paper.

“The possibility of private get-togethers with friends, relatives and acquaintances will be extended again from March 8th: private get-togethers between your own household and another household are now possible, but limited to a maximum of five people. Children up to the age of 14 are not counted, ”says the draft of the Chancellery after consultation with Bavaria and Berlin and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz. Further easing should be possible in areas with particularly low numbers.

Vaccination and testing: This is to be accompanied by a strong expansion of the vaccination campaign and test capacities. One wants to “test” whether the significant expansion of tests in connection with a better traceability of the contacts in the event of an infection would allow opening steps even with higher seven-day incidences with more than 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, it says in continue with the draft. Everyone would be offered one or two free rapid tests per week.

Opening steps: Parts of the retail trade and driving schools are mentioned as further opening steps. In the paper of the Chancellery, the further opening of areas is linked again to compliance with an incidence of 35. This applies to areas such as museums or individual sports. The opening of outdoor catering is only mentioned as a further opening step if the incidence of 35 is maintained. According to Reuters, this is controversial according to information from negotiating circles.

According to a draft for the deliberations of the federal and state governments on the corona situation, companies should be obliged to offer employees in the office free rapid tests. It is still open in the paper whether there should be at least one or two tests per week.

According to the ideas of the Union and the SPD, the Bundestag should have more say in the fight against the corona pandemic with the help of a new body. For this purpose, a “parliamentary monitoring committee for the Covid-19 pandemic” is to be set up, as can be seen from an application by the coalition groups. It says: “The interdisciplinary committee is to deal with current and future health and social issues related to coping with the Covid 19 pandemic and gives recommendations for action on a scientific basis.”

First, the portal “ThePioneer” reported on the Union and SPD plans. The application has also been submitted to the German Press Agency in Berlin. According to this, the body should become a subcommittee of the health committee, consist of 21 members and involve external experts. His subject areas will include researching and combating virus mutations as well as the production and procurement of vaccines or learning and teaching during the pandemic.