Amazon Buys Thousands of Truck Self-Driving Systems

The US e-commerce giant Amazon has ordered 1,000 sets of self-driving systems from the start-up company “Plus” that develops self-driving truck technology, and Amazon has also bought 20% of the warrants. Plus has confirmed the above news in the regulatory documents, but Plus declined to comment on this, and Amazon was unable to comment immediately. According to external analysis, this move is expected to solve the shortage of truck drivers, thereby curbing delayed deliveries and rising costs, but as of now, Plus’s software still needs to be driven.

“Bloomberg” reported that as part of the agreement, Amazon has the right to buy up to 20% of Plus at a price of US$0.46647 per share. If Amazon buys it all, the investment value will be close to US$200 million.

Plus is located in California and was founded in 2016. It is one of the few startups trying to study autonomous driving for long-distance truck transportation. Plus announced in May this year that it intends to go public through SPAC, with a valuation of USD 3.3 billion.

PlusDrive is Plus’s first product, similar to Tesla’s fully automatic driving software. The software requires that drivers still need to pay attention to road conditions in case the system fails or requires driver intervention. But the CEO of Plus has said that the company hopes to sell autonomous driving products that do not require drivers by the end of 2024.