Amazon to Commercialize’Contactless’ Palm Authentication Technology

The commercialization of biometrics technology has taken a step further. In addition to the already common fingerprints, palm authentication technology came out following iris, face, and walking recognition technology.

On the 29th, Amazon, the largest e-commerce company in the United States, unveiled’Amazon One’, a technology that allows payment using the palm of your hand. Amazon announced that the technology will be used first in two places, Amazon Go, an unmanned payment offline store in Seattle, where Amazon is headquartered, and then gradually expand its stores.

This technology, which Amazon applied for a patent in December of last year, uses detailed features of the palm such as palms and veins as a means of signature. Palm authentication technology is basically based on vein recognition technology that has already been developed. “The vein pattern on the palm is different from person to person and it is very difficult to forge because it is hidden under the skin,” said Professor Vassel Halak of the Department of Electronic and Computer Science at University of Southampton in the UK. “It’s a lot more practical in terms of being able to use it in.

You can use the palm authentication function simply by inserting a credit card into the’Amazon One‘ terminal and then raising your palm to register. Since it is recognized using image technology, you can pause on the screen without touching the terminal screen directly. One or both of the palms can be registered.
After registration, you can place your palm on the terminal for about 1 second and scan it before entering the store. The purchase price is also paid through the already entered credit card simply by holding the palm of the hand on the terminal.

Amazon said that the reason for developing an additional palm authentication system is that it is superior in terms of privacy protection because the palm cannot identify who he is. This seems to be an explanation conscious of the recent controversy over personal information infringement surrounding facial recognition technology.

Amazon explained that there is no concern about the concern that the palm image will be leaked or hacked and abused, because the image is not stored as it is but encrypted and stored in the cloud with a thorough security system.

Through a press release, Amazon expects that it will be widely used in retailers, stadiums, and offices that need to process access and payment through non-face-to-face contact in the era of Corona 19.

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