Coca-Cola is Closing Several Locations in Germany

Coca-Cola is shedding hundreds of jobs in Germany, and around 120 new ones are to be created elsewhere. The NGG union reacted indignantly.

Coca-Cola is closing and downsizing several locations in Germany. 485 jobs are to be cut, while around 120 new jobs will be created elsewhere, as Coca-Cola European Partners Deutschland GmbH (CCEP) announced on Thursday in Berlin.

The cola bottling plant in Liederbach near Frankfurt with 250 employees is due to close next year, while a buyer is still being sought for the Sodenthaler Mineralbrunnen in Sulzbach near Aschaffenburg. In Bad Neuenahr, Rhineland-Palatinate, the Apollinaris brand is limited to gastronomy products. In the competitive retail sector with low prices, the well-known brand will no longer be available from March 2021, as the company announced. Around 80 employees should go for this.

The Coca-Cola company, the largest beverage manufacturer in Germany with around 7500 employees, says it wants to avoid redundancies and start talks with employee representatives. In addition to severance payments, alternative activities are offered in the greater Frankfurt and Karlsruhe areas.

The NGG union reacted indignantly. “Coca-Cola in Germany is still in the black!”, Said the Southwest state chairman Uwe Hildebrandt. “Closing locations in spite of profits does not show that we are acting responsibly towards the employees who have made these profits. That is pure greed for profit. ”They will fight for every job together with the works council.

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