Amber Luke the “Dragon” Model who Also had Her Eyeballs Tattooed

A model – who rose to fame by starting to share photos of her body literally covered in artistic tattoos – recently posted pictures of her “B-side” before and after her last treatment, known as Brazilian Butt Lift. : the lifting for the butt that for some time has ushered in a new trend in cosmetic surgery.

Amber Luke, who has already spent over £ 20,000 on various tattoos on her body, has even had her eyeballs tattooed. The eyeball tattoo is a technique for coloring the sclera, the whites of the eyes. It arrived in America about ten years ago and since then it has been a continuous search to improve the techniques and instruments of execution. Eyeball is considered an extreme type of tattoo, often considered more as a body modification technique rather than a normal tattoo, and for this reason it has been banned in some American states for reasons of safety and hygiene. In fact, for this surgery she remained blind for about three weeks as she told her about her time when she was a guest on Barbara D ’Urso’s TV.

The 24-year-old from New South Wales, Australia posts photos of her on her Instagram profile as she exhibits her amazing tattoos and body modifications to the delight of her fans.

The social media star, who calls herself the “Blue Eyed Dragon Woman“, even shared pictures of her Brazilian Butt Lift, an invasive procedure that involves removing fat from one part of the body and transferring it to the buttocks to improve. the roundness of side B.

Amber told the Mirror “My experience in the Brazilian Butt Lift was pleasant overall, considering how invasive this surgery is; now I am happy with my progress and will only have to undergo a series of massages to help drain excess fluids”

Three days after the surgery, Amber shared another photo and wrote: “I feel fine, I went out shopping and took a nice walk. The swelling has decreased enormously, I feel human again!”

Amber, who became known as “Dragon Girl” for her sheer number of tattoos that recall the world of dragons, had her canine teeth reshaped – which now have an eerie pointed appearance – as well as having spiked prosthetics implanted in her ears and to have his tongue divided, which now has a diabolical bifid aspect.

Amber began her addiction to tattoos at the age of 14, when she was battling depression. She was a girl who did not accept her body and this was a source of great despair. She then discovered the tattoo, which quickly became her reason for living and helped her to overcome that sad period. But now she can no longer think of anything else and her body now has about 200 tattoos.

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