Juventus-Lazio, CM’s Report Cards

Juventus beat Lazio 3-1  in one of today’s advances of the 26th matchday of Serie A, played at the Allianz Stadium. These are the networks: in pt 14 ‘Correa, 38’ Rabiot; in the 12 ‘and 15’ st (penalty).

Cristiano Ronaldo, who started from the bench, entered the field at 25 ‘st, in place of Morata. (HANDLE).

Juventus-Lazio 3-1

Szczesny 6: Correa goes where he wants on the goal, then thanks an often inaccurate Lazio.
Cuadrado 6: he comes back from injury, he is essential but he needs a little to find himself in the game. Then he grows at the distance (24 ‘st Arthur 6: back almost surprisingly, what a blow).
Demiral 5.5: when Correa points him on the 0-1 goal he could perhaps have done something more, perhaps bringing it to the outside. In general it is the Tucu that wins the duels.
Alex Sandro 6.5: still central, still captain. But in the end, Immobile never takes it, so it doesn’t hurt. And if the ball starts from his feet, it is often clean.
Bernardeschi 6: left back, maybe we are here. He holds the position, he doesn’t sting as much as he could but he has to cover the shoulders of Chiesa. Granted by the crossbar when he keeps in the game without marking Milinkovic Savic in the area at the beginning of the second half.
Danilo 6.5: in midfield, surprisingly. Low summit rather than median, he tries to impose himself but often ends up chasing. Then he goes back to full-back and it’s better for everyone.
Rabiot 7: in his goal there is all the anger of a Juve who wants to react but also the photograph of a potential that really expresses with the dropper.
Kulusevski 5: the assist for Correa is from him, this time he starts wide on the right but continues to be an end in itself. And he has really had a lot of opportunities.
Ramsey 5.5: trots on the trocar, he misses a lot, but he has the merit of getting the penalty of 3-1 (24 ‘st McKennie 6: part-time, he needs it)
Chiesa 7.5: on the left it is not the same thing, but he bites and attacks the spaces as always (37 ‘st Bonucci sv).
Morata 7.5: does the department alone, how nice the assist for Rabiot. And if he plays without Ronaldo he scores almost every time, a counterattack that ended in an exemplary way for him, followed closely by a perfect penalty (24 ‘st Ronaldo 6: he had to catch his breath, Juve does not betray him. With Porto it’s up to him)

Herds Pirlo 7: Juve starts badly, badly. Then this time he reacts as perhaps he never did before tonight. And this victory is so much of him.


Reina 5: Rabiot throws hard, but that’s his pole. Similar story but with many more alibis on Morata’s doubling.
Marusic 5: he has a leg and gets up as soon as he can, but it is around him that Juve breaks through. With Patric he could have been saved by Inzaghi, instead he ends down (36 ‘st G. Pereira sv).
Hoedt 5.5: a convict arm pardoned by the referee and Var, rocky but not enough to get the better of Morata.
Acerbi 6: on the center left it turns into a rough wall for Kulusevski.
Lulic 6: of experience even on the band not of him brings home the loaf (10 ‘st Patric 5: external part and not in place of Marusic, has the task of limiting the Church, he does not resist).
Milinkovic-Savic 5.5: a free kick at the edge of the post and a shot that worries Szczesny, is among the most dangerous. The crossbar denies him a goal to beat Szczesny. But it is his naive foul that leads to the penalty of 3-1.
Leiva 6.5: Ramsey puts it in his pocket, when Lazio starts again there is usually his hand. It lasts less than an hour (10 ‘st Escalante 5: Chiesa burns it for the goal of doubling).
Luis Alberto 6: not inspired as he should, but when he can brush he puts Milinkovic-Savic in front of Szczesny (36 ‘st Caicedo sv)
Fares 6: he could have been the weak link, but when he pushes he knows it hurts. Of course, when he is pointed at he goes into trouble …
Correa 7: combines attack and midfield, thanks Kulusevski and scores, is returning to be a fundamental factor.
Property 5: unjustified absent, with the defense of Juve in those conditions he had to be able to create many more headaches (36 ‘st Muriqi sv).

Herds Inzaghi 5: perhaps forced changes but that cancel Lazio, which unlike Juve starts strong and plays by heart. But he wastes and in the end he returns home far away from the Champions League area.

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