American Large Size SUV with a Total Length of 5060mm

General Motors Japan (GM Japan) announced the XT6 Platinum, a 6-seat crossover SUV equipped with the latest Cadillac design and safety equipment, on December 3, 2019, and will be available from January 1, 2020 let’s start doing ….

XT6 is a 6-seat 3-row seat crossover SUV announced at the 2019 Detroit Motor Show.

¡Cadillac SUV design direction that is evolving toward the next generation, such as slim and highly functional LED headlamps, vertical running lamps, and high-brightness crystal mesh grilles.

Full length SUV, total length 5060mm x width 1960mm x height 1775mm. The wheelbase is 2860mm.

Installed is a 3649cc V-type 6-cylinder DOHC naturally aspirated engine called “LGX”. This engine, which generates 314 horsepower / 268Nm, activates active fuel management when V6 power is not required, and operates the engine in 4-cylinder mode, contributing to improved fuel efficiency.

The combined transmission is a 9-speed AT. The drive system is AWD (4-wheel drive), and the optimum drive mode can be selected according to the driving scene.

XT6 is fully equipped with safety equipment. More than 20 newest models such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Camera Mirror, Pedestrian Rear Brake, etc. Equipped with safety equipment. Boasts the most extensive standard safety equipment in the segment.
Vehicle price is 8.7 million yen (including tax, the same applies below). A model “Cadillac XT6 Night Cruise Edition” commemorating the debut of XT6 is also available for a limited number of 30 units, which is 9.1 million yen. Only left-hand drive specification.

XT6 Night Cruise Edition is specially equipped with “Night Vision” based on XT6 Premium, which recognizes people and animals ahead by heat sensitive infrared sensor and alerts the driver. The exterior color is chic gray “Satin Steel Metallic” (Japanese unset color) and the interior color is “Jet Black” with bronze carbon to enhance the premium feel.

“The only American luxury brand in Japan is Cadillac,” said GM Japan President Masaru Wakamatsu, who wants a wide range of people to know what a luxury SUV is in a liberal democratic country.

XT6 is a full-size SUV with a total length of 5060mm and is a direct rival for Audi “Q7” (total length 5070mm) and Lexus “LX” (total length 5080mm).

In the Cadillac SUV lineup, a sense of size is located between “Escalade” (total length 5195mm x total width 2065mm x total height 1910mm, wheelbase 2950mm) and “XT5” (total length 4825mm x total width 1915mm x total height 1700mm, wheelbase 2860mm) It becomes.

In 2020, a more compact middle-sized SUV “XT4” (length 4600mm x width 1880mm x height 1630mm, wheelbase 2780mm) is scheduled to land in Japan from XT5.