Top 5 Kings of Cheating in Games

TOP 5. Street Fighter, Aids of Weapons Foulers

The Street Fighter series is definitely a bare hand fighting game. Although things that don’t look like humans are a breeze or fire all over me and electricity and psycho power, they can exude the power they gained by training. However, it’s a bit lethal to pick up the iron weapons forged from the forge. In fact, Ninja Ibuki, who started coming out of Street Fighter 3, throws dozens of shuriken swords, and that’s what you want.


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However, if you are the representative fighter of the Street Fighter series, you can say that it is the pioneer of this area, Vallog (foreign name Vega). In 1991, how can we forget his force, who was fighting with his bare hands in street fighter 2, with his hands cramped alone? At the same time, the weapons were not big and the durability was not a big problem. The destructive power of the weapon itself is not great, but I will put it in fifth place in recognition of its ramifications.

TOP 4. Mr. Big (Yongho’s Vol.), I thought you were a club, electric shocker !?

SNK, who led the fighting game in the 90s with Capcom. The early representative works of Arang Legend and Yongho include one or two characters using weapons whether they were influenced by the above-mentioned vallogs. One of them is Mr. Big, the first and second boss of Yong-ho’s series. At first glance, the fighting style is a tassel, and there are two small sticks in my hand.

In fact, the club is a stun gun. Even a small stun gun will paralyze your body and make it hard to move or even cause a heart attack. The rod that Mr. Vic carries is high enough to generate a large amount of spark clouds in the air. At first glance, this is not about competing against an opponent, but about killing it in one room, but it makes sense given that the person who writes is the infamous Mr. Vic.

TOP 3. Yoshimitsu: Why do you allow Japanese swords?

If the above-mentioned ballogue is the first arsenal of 2D fighting games, Tekken’s Yoshimitsu is the first arsenal of 3D fighting games. Yoshimitsu, who played in the first part of the Tekken, comes up with a Japanese sword, which is large. At first glance, Japanese swords are only held in the hands, and most fights seem to be made with fists. Soon after revealing the nature and wields a sword. Even most sword attacks, of course, is not guarded. It’s still a mystery why the uncle who uses Japanese swords in the game that starts with the title “Fist Kwon” comes up.


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Not being disqualified from his first work, Yoshimitsu continues to become a more violent foul man as he continues the series. Sword wielding technology is getting more and more, even pre-prepared venom in the mouth and bring all the foul stars. Yoshimitsu was so installed that even a terrible hybrid appeared at the bottom. At this point, you have to ask the organizer for the wrong catcher.

TOP 2. Whip (KOF), Yaya, aren’t you a gun?

There are a lot of weapons in the KOF series, but most of the whips from KOF 99 use a rather violent weapon. It’s a whip. If you swing it properly, the tip breaks through the speed of sound, tearing bones and flesh. If you look at the very harsh punishment from ancient times to modern times, it is surprising that a young lady with a whip against the KOF, which is run in the form of a competition, was given permission to play. However, there are some wielding wielding uncles, so this may be acceptable.

However, the whip of the whip does not end here. Hide weapons invisibly Like other characters swiping, Whip hides one weapon… Its identity is Desert Eagle. Although it is called a rubber bullet, it seems that the act of shooting Desert Eagle, one of the world’s strongest automatic pistols, at a close range is already far from fighting. Inspired by the Tekken characters also began to come out with a special item from Tekken 6, what will you do to fight!

Top 1. Arisa Bosconovic, Tekken

Perhaps, the strongest weapon fighter in the world of fighting games is far from Arisa Bosconovic, who has appeared since Tekken 6. He would, too, not be a regular blade, but rather a horribly spinning chainsaw, or a chainsaw. By the way, the chainsaw will be cut off, even if it touches the skin, rather than being cut to its surroundings.

In fact, there are a variety of weapons in the Tekken series, such as Yoshimitsu introduced above and the swordsman / gunner who recently traveled from Papan, but it was not as shocking as the chainsaw of Arisa. This is scary, even take off your head and use it like a bomb! Eventually, Arisa’s cause was that the Tekken 6 BR arcade was not available for youth in Korea, so it was only possible to release the youth entertainment room after replacing the chainsaw with a beam saber in Korea. Perhaps no character will beat the impact of the Arisa chainsaw for the next 20 years.