Animal Forest Horror Movie “Don Peak”

Gathering Animal Forest, released in March last year, attracted attention as a healing game with cute graphics and cute gameplay to decorate houses and villages. A creepy horror movie about these animal forests was released.

The title of the movie is’DON’T PEEK-Animal Crossing Horror Short’, which means don’t look at it. This is a 6-minute short film directed by Julian Terry, who has made horror short films such as The Nurse and Whisper.

Don Peak deals with the process by which a woman who enjoys “Let’s Get Together Animal Forest” at home at night calls the monsters in the game into reality. The fresh idea of ​​using a cute game as a window to call out a fearful existence stands out, and the fact that the interactive elements in the game are well melted, such as opening and closing a chest of drawers or turning the stand on and off, attracts attention.

Julian Terry released a short film on his YouTube channel in October last year, and submitted his work at the largest content festival in the United States, “South by South West (SXSW) 2021,” held on the 15th (local standard). And this time, it was decided to make a feature film.

The American entertainment media Deadline reported on the 17th (local standard) that the horror short film “Don Peak” based on the animal forest will be produced as a feature film. According to this, the director is directed by Julian Terry, who produced the original, and Timur Bekmambetov, also known as Knight Witch, Wanted, and Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, will write the script.

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