White House: The President is 100% Okay

U.S. President Biden took Air Force One on Friday (19th). During the process of boarding the plane up the stairs, he failed to step on three times and wrestled. Although he quickly got up and walked forward, the outside world worried about his health. The White House immediately issued a statement hanging a guarantee, stating that the president was “100% okay.”

Biden, 78, is scheduled to go to Atlanta on Friday to meet with Asian leaders to mourn the eight people killed in the SPA shooting recently. Six of them are Asian women.

It can be seen from the film that Biden first took a brisk step and walked up the stairs with his right hand holding the railing. The first time he accidentally fell, he quickly stood up, but the second time he fell heavier and stood up with his left hand. After three falls, he put his left knee on the steps before standing up.

Although Biden still walked up the stairs and turned to pay his respects before stepping into the plane, he still attracted attention from all walks of life.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said: “Biden is fine and in very good condition. It was very windy outside and I was almost unsteady. The president was 100% okay.”

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