Apple Works on its First VR Headset

Apple has long been developing its first virtual reality headset that is expected to present in 2022, and which will inaugurate a new product category in the most ambitious company, as a precursor to augmented reality glasses, according to Bloomberg.

The technology company, which has faced obstacles in the development of its virtual reality device, hopes to present the device in 2022. Then, it will have to face similar devices from brands such as Oculus, which recently launched a second generation of its Quest viewer, Sony, which has had its PlayStation VR, or HTC for years.

The device’s codename is N301, and it is currently under development. It is expected to feature the most powerful chips and higher resolution displays than its competitors. It would even have a fan, as the sources point out. It targets content such as videos, video games or communication services.

But it is understood as the forerunner of a new category that will feature more ambitious augmented reality glasses that will take longer to produce, as sources familiar with this project have informed “Bloomberg”. These glasses, codenamed N421, are in a very early stage of development called ‘architecture’.

Apple’s first virtual reality headset will be priced higher than its competitors’ equipment. Sources indicate that it is not expected to be a massive success with the public, but that sales of about 180,000 units are estimated.

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