Apple’s Mobile Phone Supply Rushes Foxconn Offering to 30,000 Recruit New Workers

Apple‘s mobile phone was affected by the epidemic, and production and supply were urgent.

Chanise Media reported that, due to the impact of the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan, the Foxconn iDPBG business group Shenzhen Mission Hills Plant has recently raised its bonus to recruit new employees. According to the latest quotation, as long as the full-time employee has been employed for 90 days, he will get RMB 7,120 (about NT $ 31,000). The main product of Foxconn‘s Digital Product Group (iDPBG) is to manufacture Apple iPhones.

According to a comprehensive news report, due to the impact of the outbreak in China, the iPhone supply has been urgent. It is said that Apple will launch the iPhone SE2 affordable phone at the end of March, so it may be delayed for mass production, reported that due to severe epidemic prevention and control measures, veteran employees have not been able to return to the team, and rework is facing uncertainty. At present, Foxconn‘s Shenzhen plant has started large-scale recruitment, and at the same time, it has introduced a new employee induction policy.

According to the report, a staff member responsible for the recruitment of Foxconn Shenzhen factory employees said that after 20th, employees who joined iDPBG in Foxconn Longhua and Guanlan factories will be rewarded 3,360 yuan after meeting the return time and attendance requirements, but new employees need to Isolated for 14 days. However, on the evening of the 20th, the staff member’s WeChat circle of friends successively issued several notices about the update of the reward policy. The notice shows that newly recruited employees of Foxconn iDPBG Mission Hills Park only need to join the company before March 31 and have worked for 90 days.

A recent interview by a China Times reporter found that public information shows that the Foxconn Shenzhen Longhua factory area with 180,000 employees has sparse gates, and most of the restaurants and supermarkets in the park have not yet opened. There are only two restaurants for dinner and they are very deserted. Large manufacturing companies are currently faced with a severe shortage of returnees.

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Apple's Mobile Phone Supply Rushes Foxconn Offering to 30,000 Recruit New Workers

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