Arabic Sources: Aramco Allows Employees to Enter Abqaiq Complex

Saudi Aramco has allowed employees to enter the Abqaiq complex for the first time since the attack, sources said.

The “Arab” envoy to Dammam, Fatima al-Dawi, has said that the damage in the refinery Abqaiq affected the tanks and some pipes and they are not significant.

Abqaiq refinery is one of the most important refineries in the world and plays a major role in the market and the oil sector, where it produces 5% of global production up to 100 million barrels, and processed between 6 and 7 million barrels for export through 3 pipes from Ras Tanura, Bahrain and stems from gas and crude oil.

She added during a tour of the “Arab” near the refinery “Abqaiq”, that what will be revealed by the press conference of the Ministry of Energy determines the size of the damage to the refinery and the time required to address the damage caused by the attack.

“Aramco has called in the maintenance and infrastructure companies, which are reservoirs and pipelines, and asked companies that provide technology, processors, turbines and basic infrastructure to remain on standby if they are asked to inspect the refineries later, which gives A reassurance to the market that Aramco is addressing the major damage caused by the attacks.

Two sources familiar with Saudi oil production operations told media on Tuesday that production would return to normal levels faster than expected.

One source said the kingdom was close to recovering 70 percent of its 5.7 million bpd production loss after the attacks.