Balmain Spring / Summer 2021 Men’s Collection”Optimism”

The founder of Balmain, Pierre Balmain, is an optimist. In the 1940s, during the instability immediately after the liberation of France during World War II, Balmain believed in a bright future. He founded Balmain in 1945, turning his creativity and piercing optimism into energy. He made every effort to make clothes to revive Paris as the center of fashion in the world.

This season, Balmain has created a collection that expresses Pierre Balmain’s spirit and the core belief of the brand, “optimism.” By superimposing the negative situation in France at the time when Balmain launched the brand and the present age, we will develop pieces that make you feel “strength” to break through the disturbing situation.

“Strength” with color and shape

At the show, from the first look, two looks of suits colored with bright fluorescent colors that will make you wake up will appear in a row. The look that gives a tremendous impact draws the viewer into the world of Balmain at once.

The set-up of these jackets and slacks begins with a slightly oversized silhouette, and items with a sense of oversize are scattered throughout the collection. Especially eye-catching are the jackets and blousons with power shoulders that jut out to the side. It is a design that directly conveys the image of “strength”.

And, to match the oversized tops, shorts and flared slacks that draw a tight line. Balmain‘s originality was symbolized in an easy-to-understand manner with its unique styling that was constructed by adjusting the silhouette both vertically and horizontally.

A tribute to the tradition of the brand

In addition, the items with the logo in the overall pattern emphasize the heritage design of the brand. Olivier Rouste, the current artistic director of Balmain, was one of the iconic elements of the collection, which seems to pay homage to the history and traditions of the brand.

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