The dispute between Justin Bieber and Team Productions dates back to August 22, 2015 when the popular singer refused to appear at the Beachclub to offer a performance when he had already accepted some of his stamp.

Team Productions, the event production company that served as intermediary between the singer and the Beachclub to organize the performance in question, claims the singer who broke his contract $ 650,000 for potential loss of income, damage to reputation and punitive damage. The Beachclub has already been compensated by Team Productions.

The Montreal company also hoped to be able to sue in Quebec, but will eventually settle the case in California according to a decision of the Superior Court of 2017 which has just been approved by the Court of Appeal to the end of January.

Interviewed by La Presse this week, the lawyer who represents Team Productions’ interests, Karim Renno, confirmed that, although he is disappointed with this decision, the company will go ahead with the lawsuit.

Prior to the August 2015 Beachclub event, Team Productions blamed the singer for not confirming his presence, which they claim would have had a negative impact on sales. The negotiations, which lasted until the last minute, led to the cancellation of his presence by Bieber, who blamed the company on Twitter for his absence and also refused to reimburse the amount he had already received.