Ben Affleck’s Baseball Team Sent a Special Message to Jennifer Lopez

Everyone is excited about the reconciliation of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, even the Boston Red Sox.

Boston’s baseball team, and Ben Affleck‘s favorite, the Red Sox posted a fun video on TikTok in which they greet a very special guest who was in their stands in 2019: Jennifer Lopez.

“For the girl on the Monster during ‘Sunday Night Baseball’ in 2019,” read the caption along with a clip showing the 51-year-old singer sitting on the left side of Fenway Park. “We will never forget you”.

Then the team mascot, Wally the green monster, appears, giving him a kiss on the cheek with a message that read: “Come back soon. We miss you.”

Seventeen years after canceling their engagement, Jennifer and Ben reportedly reconnected, and were even photographed while on vacation in Montana. The news was known about a month after his separation from Alex Rodriguez.

Alex, a former player for the New York Yankees, seemed to send a subtle hint at Jennifer and Ben’s reconciliation. When asked about it on May 12, all he said was “Come on, Yankees!”

It’s no secret to anyone that the Red Sox and Yankees have been rivals forever, and it’s no secret that the Red Sox are Ben’s No. 1 team. In fact, he even refused to wear a Yankees hat on the set of Gone Girl.

“I’m not wearing a Yankees hat. I just can’t,” he explained to the New York Times. “I can’t use it because it will become quite a topic.”

The Red Sox’s TikTok isn’t the only nod to the couple’s rekindled romance that has occurred recently. On May 13, Jennifer posted a video on Instagram with footage from what she called hers “her favorite album she’s made so far.” The album? Well, This Is Me … Then, which includes a series of songs dedicated to her then fiancé Ben hers.

It seems that the reconnection of the couple has us all, including the Major League team, going crazy.