Berlusconi: “Renzi is not my Political Son

Matteo Renzi not only cannot be considered Silvio Berlusconi’s political “son”, but “his life path is the antithesis of mine”. And above all it is “the main architect of the birth of the leftmost government in republican history”. The leader of Forza Italia is therefore convinced that the former prime minister will not be able to wrest from the center-right “the vote of moderate and liberal voters”.

Berlusconi, however, wished Renzi to succeed because “I prefer a moderate left for the country, European and far from the ideologies and horrors of the past”, but underlined, interviewed by the Corriere della Sera that even if the language used, “moderate and respectful of the institutions “, it could seem the same the differences with the left are multiple:” We are liberalists, guarantors, Europeanists: the only continuators, the only coherent heirs of the liberal political traditions, catholic, reformatrici, of the western civilization. allows you to have points in common with the left “.

As for Matteo Salvini, whose relations with the leader of Forza Italia have cooled down during the 14-month government of the yellow-green, Berlusconi underlined that his doors “are always open and welcoming”. A reproach, however, is reserved to the former Minister of the Interior: that of not having supported the election of the President of the European Commission: “Ms Ursula von der Leyen is an expression of the great family of liberal Catholics, the largest European political group antagonist of the left: I work in Europe also so that we can reach a synthesis between the popular, the liberal, the conservatives and the responsible sovranisti.A European center-right in the name of the values ​​of freedom, dignity of the person, the rule of law, tolerance which are typical of European civilization “.

Berlusconi: “It makes me laugh when I hear that we are subjected to the League: we are allied with the League but with a straight back. We are the brain, the heart and the backbone of the center-right. I met Matteo Salvini last week and we also put the differences on the table. But the center-right is the only credible and winning alternative to the left.”

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Matteo Renzi not only cannot be considered Silvio Berlusconi's political "son", but "his life path is the antithesis of mine".

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