Bezos Sells More in Amazon

Amazon, along with other technology stocks, has risen on Wall Street since the presidential election. Now the founder Jeff Bezos is taking the opportunity to sell shares in his e-commerce giant…

During the week, the e-commerce giant Amazon‘s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos sold shares in his own company to a value of USD 3 billion. It appears from submitted documents, reports CNBC.

Thus, Bezos has sold a total of Amazon shares for 10.2 billion dollars, so far this year.

Last year, he got rid of $ 2.8 billion worth of Amazon shares alone.

Despite the big divestments, Bezos, who is currently the richest person in the world, remains with a large ownership in Amazon.

He owns over 53 million shares in the company, which are valued at almost 170 billion dollars.

Amazon is one of the technology stocks that has risen on the New York Stock Exchange, up 6 percent on Wednesday, since Republicans appear to be securing a majority in the Senate. According to analysts, beds for a milder treatment of the technology giants. With democratic rule in the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House, tougher measures were expected against the sector – among other things, Joe Biden has previously opened up for higher taxation.

Bezos is selling smaller items in Amazon to finance its own space company Blue Origin. In addition, earlier this year he launched a new ten billion dollar Earth Fund to combat climate change.

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