Biden: “The Pentagon” is Blocking The Transfer of Power

US President-elect Joe Biden said Monday that Donald Trump-appointed officials at the Pentagon are blocking the transition process, warning that the United States could face security risks as a result.

After he and his deputy, Kamala Harris, received a briefing on national security from his team assigned to arrange the relocation, Biden said that administration staff at the Pentagon as well as the Office of Management and Budget were creating “barriers.”

“Currently, we do not get all the information we need from the outgoing administration about major points related to national security,” he added.

He described the matter as “from my point of view, this is nothing less than irresponsibility.”

Biden said he was seeking to obtain a “complete picture” from the outgoing administration of the concentration of US soldiers around the world.

“We need a full vision of the budget planning that is being worked on in the Ministry of Defense and other agencies in order to avoid any confusion or exploitation by our opponents to catch up with us,” he added.

Trump has so far refused to concede defeat in the November 3 presidential