Bill Gates Also Vaccinated Against Corona

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, 65, was vaccinated against the Corona 19 vaccine.

Gates said on Twitter on the 22nd  that “one of the benefits you receive when you turn 65 is that you will be eligible for the Corona 19 vaccine.”

He said, “I would like to express my gratitude to all the scientists, clinical trial participants, regulatory agencies, and frontline medical staff who led us (even vaccination).”

Gates has been voiced criticizing former President Donald Trump’s response to Corona 19.

He pointed out that when former President Trump decided to stop funding the World Health Organization (WHO) in April last year, “it is dangerous to stop funding for the WHO in the midst of a global health crisis.”

Meanwhile, the Bill & Merlin Da Gates Foundation has donated more than 400 million dollars to efforts to combat Corona 19 around the world.

He has also supported the’COVAX facility’, an international project to jointly purchase and distribute the Corona 19 vaccine.

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