Bill Gates: The Technological Rivalry Between the US and China “Paranoia”

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, described as “paranoid” the vision of the current technological rivalry between the United States and China.


Also, during a New York Times DealBook conference, Gates said that saying that everything that comes from China is bad is a crazy approach.


These statements arise after the United States included the telecommunications company Huawei – since May this year – in a blacklist that restricts its purchases in the North American country.


Given this, the magnate said that Huawei, like all goods and services, should be subject to an objective test to rule out that the Chinese company uses its technology to undermine US national security.


Finally, Bill Gates warned that if you want to overcome this problem there must be a confidence in both directions.


“If Washington does not trust Chinese technology teams, why would Beijing rely on American products as a jet engine, which could theoretically be shut down remotely?” He concluded.