Prada and Adidas Announce a Joint Collection for 2020

The luxury Italian home Prada and the German group of sportswear Adidas announced Friday a new collaboration for the production of a line of common.

The news was announced via the publication on social networks of a photo of two boxes of Adidas sneakers inserted in a bag marked Prada, accompanied by the hashtag #pradaforadidas.

First launch in December
The first stage of this collaboration is expected to take place in December with the release of two models of unisex shoes entirely manufactured at Prada in Milan “which are inspired by the rich heritage and iconography of both brands, representing a tribute to timeless classics” .

The association between Prada and Adidas should find its “zenith” in the realization of a series of sportswear Luna Rossa, which will be revealed in 2020.

Result of the “teaser”, social networks are already flooded with the hashtag #pradaforadidas. In the enthusiasm shown, some summarize the operation by the word #pradidas.

This is not the first time a luxury home has been working with a sports brand.

At Milan Fashion Week in 2018, Fendi and Fila presented a joint collection, symbolized by a redesigned Fendi logo in the style of the sports brand by the artist Hey Reilly.