“Bill Gates Transfers more than $1.8 Billion of Stock to Melinda”

Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda startled divorce, the two people have a total of 146 billion U.S. dollars  in the distribution of assets, which has become an outside discussion focus. Media revealed today that Bill Gates has transferred more than $1.8 billion in stock to Melinda.

“Bloomberg” reported that according to the US regulatory filing on the 3rd, Bill Gates has transferred more than $1.8 billion worth of stock to Melinda through Cascade Investment, a holding company established with Microsoft stock proceeds.

The shares that Bill Gates transferred to Melinda include 14.1 million Canadian National Railway shares, valued at approximately US$1.5 billion, and 2.94 million shares of American auto retailer AutoNation, valued at US$309 million.

Through Cascade, Bill Gates owns shares in the real estate, energy, and hotel sectors, and holds shares in dozens of listed companies, including shares in agricultural equipment company Deere & Co and chemical energy company Ecolab.