The iOS Currency Gained 34% in Strong Highs

IOS was trading in $ 9.4591 Thursday, rising 33.55% on the day. Recorded the highest daily rise since.

This move upward pushed iOS to record a market cap above $ 8.8663B, or 0.37% of the total cryptocurrency market value, and at the record level, where the iOS market value was $ 17.5290B.

IOS has traded in a range between $ 8.6064 and $ 9.4615 in the last 24 hours.

Over the last seven days, iOS has seen a surge in value, and the rate of change has gone up. As for the volume of iOS within the trading of the $ pair during the last twenty-four hours until writing the article, at 9.3813B, or 3.54% of all cryptocurrency volumes. It has been trading in a range between $ 5.7860 and $ 9.4615 in the last 7 days.

On the other side of cryptocurrency trading
Bitcoin was trading at $ 57,046.8 within the Index, up by a change of 3.61% on the daily basis.

Ethereum was moving at $ 3,482.76 in the Index, gaining 5.07%.

As for the market values ​​of Bitcoin, it reached $ 1,067.5373B, or 44.97% of the total market value of cryptocurrencies, while the market values ​​of Ethereum were $ 403.7378B, or 17.01% of the total market values ​​of cryptocurrencies.

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