Billioner British Media Owner David Barclay Dies

David Barclay, a British billionaire who includes the Daily Telegraph and the Ritz Hotel, has died after a short illness at the age of 86.

Barclay and his twin brother Frederick built a huge business empire on the basis of the freight forwarding they founded.

“The Barclay brothers worked as one through their business careers and did their best to avoid the spotlight and media coverage,” the Daily Telegraph reported on David’s death.

Among those who have honored the memory of David Barclays is his former staff member, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who previously worked for the Daily Telegraph.

“A tribute to Mr David Barclays, who saved a great newspaper, created thousands of jobs across the UK and passionately believed in the independence of this country and what it can do,” Johnson said on Twitter.

The Barclay brothers were loyal supporters of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and housed her at the Ritz Hotel in the last days of her life.

They were born into a large Scottish family in 1934, but the family was then living in London. At the age of fourteen, the brothers left home and began their studies with the aim of gaining a foothold in the British business world, where they initially made inroads into the real estate market.

The brothers were knighted in 2000 and knelt side by side in front of Queen Elizabeth, but never before in modern history had knighthood been granted at the same time.

David Barclay, who died on Sunday, was married twice, leaving four sons.

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