Biontech Boss: Vaccine Also Works Against New Virus Variants

Biontech boss Ugur Sahin is confident that his company’s corona vaccine will also protect against the new mutation of the virus that first appeared in Great Britain. “From a scientific point of view, it is very likely that our vaccine will also work against the new virus variant,” said Sahin in a virtual press conference of the company on Tuesday.

“Our vaccine targets the entire spike protein of the Sars-CoV-2 virus. In the variant that emerged in the UK, around one percent of this protein is mutated. That means that 99 percent of the virus can still be addressed by our vaccine, ”said Sahin.

Biontech had already tested its active ingredient on various other virus variants with other mutations in the past few months. The immune response triggered by the Biontech vaccine has inactivated all forms of the virus, Sahin said.

The company has already started tests to further examine the effectiveness of its vaccine on the mutated virus. “We will present the results in two weeks,” said Sahin. The Biontech boss is currently not assuming that he will have to adapt the vaccine for the virus mutation. But should that be the case, Biontech is technically able to develop a new vaccine within six weeks. However, this would then have to be tested and checked by the licensing authorities.

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