Punjab Govt’ Employees will not Get Salary Without Vaccine

Punjab Government is getting tougher due to increasing cases of Omicron. Meanwhile, the Punjab government has issued a new order to government employees. The government has issued strict orders to the employees.

It may be recalled that the Punjab government has made it mandatory for all government employees to be vaccinated against covid vaccine. Meanwhile, the government has said that provision has been made to enter the certificate number of covid vaccination in iHRMS portal.

For this the officers,  employees under each department should be informed. Orders have been issued with him that if any employee has taken the first dose, then his certificate number should be recorded.

At the same time, it has been stated that if any employee does not submit the details of immunization, his / her salary will be withheld.

In Punjab, Omicron has started spreading its wings. Meanwhile, the government has appealed for caution.


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