Biontech / Pfizer Reduce Vaccine Deliveries in the First Half of June

In the case of corona vaccinations in Germany, planned deliveries by the most important manufacturer Biontech and its US partner Pfizer are postponed. As the Federal Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday evening, the promised delivery quantity will be reduced in the first two weeks of June, according to Biontech. In the following weeks, more than planned should be delivered.

The BMG‘s notification does not give any reasons for the changes to the plan. The BMG only reports that Biontech / Pfizer reported “adjustments to the delivery schedules”. While a total of around 8.5 million cans are expected from Biontech / Pfizer in calendar weeks 23 and 24, deliveries are to be increased again significantly from June 21 onwards: around 5.9 million cans are expected in calendar weeks 25 and 26 each.

Overall, the delivery promise for the current quarter will be kept. According to the ministry, the postponement should not have any impact on deliveries to the vaccination centers in the federal states. Regarding the practices, the ministry said that upcoming second vaccinations were secured there.

However, there seem to be fewer first vaccinations in the practices in the coming weeks. The BMG stated that there should continue to be first vaccinations. As in the vaccination centers, more second vaccinations than first vaccinations are to be expected in practices in the next few weeks. The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and the German Pharmacists‘ Association had already announced that the practices would receive around one million Biontech doses less than planned in the first week of June.

According to a current survey by the ministry, 50.3 million vaccine doses are expected from Biontech / Pfizer for the entire second quarter. There are also to be at least 12.4 million cans from Astra-Zeneca, 10.1 million cans from Johnson & Johnson and 6.4 million cans from Moderna.