Boeing’s CEO Denies Plans for A Major New Share Issue

Boeing has no plans to make a major new share issue to strengthen its finances.

This is what the company’s CEO David Calhoun tells CNBC, since Morgan Stanley in an analysis comment predicted that Boeing will make a new issue of between 20 and 30 billion dollars. Morgan Stanley’s comment follows a couple of weeks after Boeing’s CFO stated that the company should consider all possibilities, including an issue to reduce indebtedness.

“It’s more than a little speculative, let me state it. “I’m not sure how or why they did it and it’s not in our plans to go that route,” said David Calhoun of Morgan Stanley‘s comment.

At the end of September, Boeing had debts of about $ 61 billion and cash of $ 27 billion. David Calhoun, who took over as CEO in January, has previously said that it will take several years for the company to restore the balance sheet to the levels that

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