Playstation Removes “Cyberpunk” from Store

Sony removesCyberpunk 2077” from its digital store Playstation Store indefinitely, the company announces.
Everyone who has already bought the game through the store also gets their money back.

The action role-playing game from the Polish CD Project Red was one of the most anticipated during the year, and was delayed several times. When it was released, it received relatively good reviews, although there were many bugs and technical errors. It turned out, however, that most reviewers played the game on PC, while Xbox One and Playstation 4 players have had significantly greater technical problems, where the problems are sometimes described as so extensive that “Cyberpunk 2077” becomes unplayable.
CD Project Red has issued an apology, and offers the money back, to those players who consider themselves to have had their experience ruined as a result of the problems.
The company also promises that major updates in January and February will hopefully solve the problems.

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