Brad Falchuk And Gwyneth Paltrow A Few Hours from the Wedding

At the Hamptons everything is ready for the wedding between the actress and the producer, meanwhile he makes her birthday wishes declaring his love.

“Even if you’re already the best person possible, every year better.” It is a birthday dedication, but also a declaration of love that of Brad Falchuk to Gwyneth Paltrow who becomes his wife this weekend. At Hamptons everything is ready for the wedding of the actress and the producer who have been a couple since 2014.

Falchuk’s words are on Instagram next to a beautiful image of the Oscar-winning actress. The date is that of his birthday, September 27th and it does not seem a coincidence that the wedding is set for the last weekend of the month.

“When was this picture taken? 1940? ’50? ’70? Last summer? Today is the birthday of this timeless beauty. She was born with infinite gifts – big blue eyes, a heart and a brain full of curiosity, generosity and possibility and those long legs – but she never stops. Gwyneth, you are the most working person I know. From your first cup of coffee in the morning to the last glass of whiskey in the evening. From the gym to the office to the kitchen table. You give us all of yourself every day. And always with a smile (well, almost always). Maybe that’s why, even if you’re already the best person possible, every year better. ”

He was still in New York, according to the weekly People magazine, on his birthday Gwyneth Paltrow, but now he is with the boyfriend in the villa that will host the wedding in a few hours. Both seemed very happy, as they made the last separate purchases in the resort on the east coast of the United States dear to the VIPs. Already on Friday evening the lovers had a rehearsal dinner at the home of comedian Jerry Seinfeld.