Brad Pitt will Spend Christmas Eve Alone with Shiloh And With the Twins

The Hollywood star will spend Christmas Eve alone with Shiloh and with the twins Knox and Vivienne. The older children, Maddox, Pax and Zahara will stay with mom Angelina Jolie.


Brad Pitt will spend a Christmas with the family. But only in part. Because the actor will spend the best time of the year only with his youngest children, Shiloh (14) and the twins Knox and Vivienne (12). The older children, however, Maddox (19), Pax (17) and Zahara (15) will spend the holidays with mother Angelina Jolie. A solution already adopted last year by the ex-most beautiful couple in Hollywood who have been at war for years for custody of their children.

Brad Pitt and Christmas with 3 of his children
To report the news of Christmas halfway through the Pitt-Jolie home is Page Six, an updated gossip page of the New York Post, according to which the time that the movie star will be able to spend with the three youngest children will also be limited. “They will be together on the night of Christmas Eve,” reports the newspaper.

And to think that this should have been a family Christmas for the ex couple. A source close to the two, in fact, reported to the press that before reaching the final decision, at the beginning of the year, Brad and Angelina “had considered the possibility of spending the holidays with the family. They were getting along well but then their plans changed “.

The child custody war
So, no pause in the child custody war. Not even at Christmas. At the beginning of the year, in reality, it seemed that the peace was returning between the two. After the divorce in 2016, the children have always been a source of conflict: he would like shared custody, she brings up a psychology report because the actor would have been violent with one of the children. They reach an agreement in 2018. But it is after the actor’s flirtation with model Nicole Poturalski that things go downhill. It seems, in fact, that Angelina did not like his move to bring the new flame to the French castle that was the setting for their wedding. She has since returned to the war front again with her ex-husband. And peace, even for the children, it still seems far away.

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