Bradley Cooper: I was Depressed and Cocaine Addict My Daughter Saved me

The actor, who will soon be Leonard Bernstein in the film Maestro, speaks with an open heart about the difficult past and the struggle to get to where he is now. “I felt like a nobody, but my daughter changed me more than success: becoming a father gave a boost to my self-esteem”

no one would ever say to see him: beautiful as the sun, cultured, with a very respectable sentimental curriculum and a daughter with one of the most desired women on the planet, Irina Shayk, with whom it is not even clear if it’s really over. And then nine Oscar nominations and a project in the pipeline that is already an announced success: Maestro, on the life of Leonard Bernstein. But Bradley Cooper had to climb mountains on his own to get to it. And to reach the top there were many falls.

He told them all in the Smartless podcast, confessing with an open heart: “The dismissal from Alias ​​has destroyed me,” he confessed. “I had self-esteem under my heels, I felt lost, a nullity. And I threw myself on cocaine, becoming addicted ».

At the time Cooper, who had gone to live in New York after graduating in English literature, had moved to Los Angeles precisely to shoot the series with Jennifer Garner. But the impact was not the best: “I felt like when I was in high school: I couldn’t enter any club, no girl looked at me. I was totally depressed ».

“The advantage, if you can say so, was that this happened at the turn of the age of 30,” added the star of The Positive Side. “But it went on until I got cast in The Hangover. I was 36 when I made that film: having gone through all those experiences before reaching success was crucial in my existence ».

After that film, the turning point: the Oscar nominations, the public success, the marriage (ended in 2019), and above all the fatherhood. The birth of Lea De Seine in 2017 changed his life: «Becoming a father gave a boost to my self-esteem. Every single thing has taken on another nuance, another brightness for the sole fact that he has become a father. Any professional success, any beautiful script that comes to me, any wonderful moment on set gives me a joy that’s only a penny of what spending time with that wonderful creature that is my daughter can give me. And they are not legends, it’s the pure truth “

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